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TC205 Workshops at ECSMGE 2011, Sunday 11th September


TC205 Workshops at ECSMGE 2015, Sunday 13th September
10:00-11:00     Ground anchors and foundations – do they need two different safety philosophies?

van Seters - Safety of tension piles and anchors in the Netherlands
Lansivaara - safety of anchors
Simpson - Ground anchors - EC7 Section 8 and UK practice (272d)  (see also conference paper)
Orr - Irish Approach to the Design of Ground Anchors to EC7

11:30-12:30     Design dominated by water pressure

Simpson- safety considerations for the HYD limit state - 272c (see also conference paper)

13:00-15:00     Numerical analysis (ETC7, Ochil rooms)
15:00-17:00     Characteristic values